Colloquium: 2021-12-07

The Mayflower Autonomous Ship: Ocean Research driven by an Artificial Intelligence Solution

Eric Aquaronne annd Victor Brown

December 7, 2021 at 2:00 PM at this link
(For NASA Langley employees and contractors only.)


IBM helped Promare since 2016 to build a reusable architecture in support of the Mayflower Autonomous Ship. MAS400 “AI Captain ” combines IBM Artificial Intelligence, The Weather Company, and Red Hat available building blocks in a novel way to identify hazards and plans its route totally autonomously during ocean operations with little/no connectivity. MAS400 700kg scientific payload leverages autonomous AI-based experiments collecting and analyzing of ocean samples and data. In the future, combined fleets of research boats, drones and submersibles could spend months at sea, helping to better understand our planet challenges. The Mayflower navigation/science technologies and their reusability will be presented.


Eric Aquaronne is in the Worldwide IBM Hardware products strategy team. Eric focuses on Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, and Security subjects, and helps companies to assess how to use Quantum Computing. Eric is working on innovative projects with client teams: he instigated IBM technologies usage in the Mayflower Autonomous Ship, and in the CERN high energy physics experiments. Eric has a culture of working in all geographies and cultures with multiple management positions. He started with IBM developing networking products operating systems. Eric has a master’s in electrical engineering, and an MBA.

Victor Brown is Vice President and Chief Technology Officer IBM US Public and Federal Markets. He has over 30 years of experience leading strategic engagements and technical strategy related to Quantum computing, regulated cloud, Hybrid Multicloud, Analytics and Red Hat technologies for IBM customers. Victor works extensively with IBM teams on product futures and research on the application of future technologies. He is an IBM Distinguished Engineer and a member of the prestigious IBM Academy of Technology. Externally, Victor is an IBM University Ambassador for his alma mater, Norfolk State University.

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