Colloquium: 2022-07

Logo for Langley Colloquium Series 50th Anniversary (1971-2021)

July 19, 2022 at 2:00 PM (watch the recorded video)

Photos of 4 speakers who will be featured. Celebrate 50 years of informative, interactive, and always entertaining conversations with some of the top minds in science, engineering, and research, July 19, 2022, in the Pearl Young Theater. The Langley Colloquium, founded in 1971, has spent more than 50 years educating the NASA Langley workforce through stimulating lectures and spirited question and answer sessions. July will mark the 593rd talk and 555th different speaker. Included along with the scientists, engineers, and historians who have delighted and challenged us have been speakers from other walks of life, including Andrew Young, Arthur M Schlesinger, Jr., Eric Sevareid, George Gallup, Nate Silver, Ray Bradbury, and William F. Buckley, Jr.

The 50th anniversary program will feature highlights from across the decades and behind the scenes insights from Sheila Thibeault. Sheila has been a continuous Colloquium Committee member since the founding and is the current committee chairwoman, a post she has held numerous times. Come join us for the first in-person Colloquium since the pandemic and celebrate part of what makes NASA Langley a special community.

Each person who attends in person will have the opportunity to compete in a Colloquium trivia quiz. The individual who obtains the highest score will receive a small prize and (far more importantly) have their name permanently included on the Colloquium web site. 

Update: The winner of the trivia contest was Michael McBeth.

Those who can’t join us in person can join us at

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