Colloquium Lectures: 1990s


January 19, 1999. The Coming Revolution in Flight by Cary R. Spitzer

February 2, 1999. Unmanned Air Vehicles into the 21st Century: Is the Past Prologue? by Michael S. Francis

March 2, 1999. Acoustics and the Violin – Past, Present, and Future by Carleen Hutchins

April 6, 1999. Safe Solar System Exploration: NASA’s Planetary Protection Program by John D. Rummel

May 4, 1999. Pacific Saga: The Disappearance and Rescue of Eddie Rickenbacker in World War II by W. David Lewis

June 1, 1999. A New Mars – the View from Mars Global Surveyor by Joseph G. Beerer

July 13, 1999. Space Exploration Progress and Future Opportunities by Robert C. Seamans, Jr.

August 3, 1999. Aviation Safety from an Airline’s Perspective by Ed Soliday

September 14, 1999. Applications of Free-Electron Lasers for Materials Science and Materials Processing by H. Fred Dylla

October 5, 1999. Clouds, Rain, and the Global Climate: What are we learning from the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM)? by Christian Kummerow

November 2, 1999. The Role of Failure in Successful Design by Henry Petroski

December 7, 1999. Measuring Cosmic Evolution with the Hubble Space Telescope by Henry C. Ferguson


January 13, 1998. Access to Space Beyond the Year 2000 by Delma C. Freeman, Jr.

February 3, 1998. How Aerospace Gets to Your Home by Joseph S. Heyman

March 3, 1998. NASA Research on the Russian Space Station by Greg Stover

April 7, 1998. Designing the Mind-Centered Flight Deck by Paul Schutte and Alan Pope

May 5, 1998. Innumeracy, Newspapers, and Democracy by John Allen Paulos

June 2, 1998. The Human Adventure Continues by William L. Smith

July 7, 1998. The Final Shuttle-Mir Docking Mission by Astronaut Franklin Chang-Diaz

August 11, 1998. Confronting the Year 2000 Computing Crisis by Joel C. Willemssen

September 1, 1998. Technical Developments in Inflatable Space Structures by Costa Cassapakis

October 6, 1998. Hyper-X: Flying at 7 to 10 Times the Speed of Sound by Vincent L. Rausch

November 3, 1998. Status Report on Project Phoenix – A Privately Funded Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence by Jill Tarter

December 1, 1998. Russian Flight Test Exchange: Flying the Mig-29 and SU-27 by Rogers E. Smith


January 7, 1997. Highways in the Sky: Reinventing Personal Air Transportation by Bruce J. Holmes

February 11, 1997. The Origins, Evolution and Future of Satellite Navigation by Bradford W. Parkinson

March 4, 1997. Exploring the Solar System with Hubble Space Telescope by Heidi B. Hammel

April 8, 1997. Fire and Global Change: A Hot New Environmental Issue by Joel S. Levine

May 6, 1997. A New Era of Planetary Exploration by Robert D. Braun

June 3, 1997. The Evolution of Aerodynamic Design with Wind Tunnels, Computational Fluid Dynamics, and Computational Optimization by Paul Rubbert

July 15, 1997. Development, Flight, and Landing of the Mars Pathfinder Spacecraft by Anthony J. Spear

August 5, 1997. The High Speed Civil Transport by Wallace C. Sawyer

September 10, 1997. Technological Needs of Airlines in the 21st Century by Karel Ledeboer

October 14, 1997. Evolving at Warp Speed: Supercomputing – 2001 and Beyond by Gary P. Smaby

November 4, 1997. How Design and Operational Factors Influence the Nature and Shape of Resulting Airplane Configurations by John C. Houbolt

December 9, 1997. Blended Wing-Body Designs by Bob Liebeck

December 17, 1997. Why Wilbur and Orville? by Tom D. Crouch


January 30, 1996. Earthbound “Flying” Simulators for Weightless Rendezvous and Lunar Landings by Lee H. Person, Jr. (Rescheduled from 11/14/95)

February 23, 1996. Microelectronics and the New Millenium by Carl Kukkonnen

March 5, 1996. Apollo 13: A Personal History by Hans Mark

March 18, 1996. The Clementine Mission by Col. Pedro Rustan

April 9, 1996. In Search of Cybernautics by Steven C. Crow

April 18, 1996. The New and Improved Hubble Space Telescope by Kathryn Thornton

May 7, 1996. A Journey Through a Giant Planet: The Jupiter Galileo Probe Mission by Marcie Smith

June 4, 1996. Frontiers of the Responsibly Imaginable in Aeronautics by Dennis Bushnell

July 16, 1996. The Viking Mission to Mars: 20 Years Later by Ed Cortright

August 14, 1996. Flight Research: Discovering the Real, the Imagined, the Overlooked, and the Unexpected by Ken Szalai

September 3, 1996. Research, Development, and Innovation: How Much Is Too Much? by Christoph von Braun

October 1, 1996. Cassini to Saturn and its Satellite, Titan by Earle Huckins

November 12, 1996. Meteorites from Mars and Antarctica: Life on Mars? by Marilyn Lindstrom

December 3, 1996. New World Vistas for the USAF by Richard Bradley


January 3, 1995. What the Hubble Space Telescope is Telling Us by Dr. Steven P. Maran

February 28, 1995. Navigating the Information Highway Using Human Language Technology by Dr. Victor W. Zue

March 7, 1995. Technology of the 21st Century Automobile by Robert N. Culver

April 4, 1995. The High Speed Civil Transport from an Industry Perspective by Robert E. Spitzer

May 16, 1995. Impact of a Fragmented Comet on Jupiter by Drs. Carolyn and Eugene Shoemaker

June 6, 1995. The Accomplishments of Samuel Pierpont Langley by Donald L. Lansing

July 11, 1995. NASA LaRC Spaceflight: From Sputnik to Apollo by Dr. James Hansen

August 1, 1995. Marine Aquaculture – Seafood Farming for the Future by Michael Oesterling

August 15, 1995. The Future of Aeronautics by James (Mickey) Blackwell

September 19, 1995. High Performance Racing Boats by Reggie Fountain

October 10, 1995. The Human Genome Project: The Science Behind Jurassic Park by Paula Gregory

November 7, 1995, Lecture postponed until January 1996 because of government shut-down

December 5, 1995. Life Aboard Mir by Norman Thagard

December 12, 1995. The Boeing 777 – “Working Together” Works by Jim McWha


January 31, 1994, Space Station Reconfiguration, Dr. Ralph Muraca, Chief, Systems Engineering Div, NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, VA.

February 14, 1994, Global Energy, Security, and Environmental Realities, Henry E. Thomas, Director of Special Programs, A.T. Kearney, Inc.

March 15, 1994. Crime and the Information Society by Marc Rotenberg

April 12, 1994. A Pioneer’s Perspective on Helicopters by Sergei Sikorski

May 19, 1994. Pilot-Induced Oscillations – A Continuing Saga by Duane McRuer

June 14, 1994. Air Power Changes from WWII to the Present by George Doersch

July 20, 1994. The Lunar Orbit Rendezvous, Lunar Module, and Apollo Mission by Dr. John C. Houbolt

August 8, 1994. Building the Information Superhighway: From Dream to Reality by Dr. Jose’-Marie Griffiths

September 7, 1994. STS-60: A New Era of U.S./Russian Cooperation in Space by Kenneth S. Reightler, Jr.

October 4, 1994. Recent Innovations in Materials Science: The Interrelationship of Materials Science with other Scientific Disciplines by Prof. Robert Pond

November 28, 1994. STS-64 (LITE) Mission by Col. Mark Lee

November 30, 1994. Space Science as a Driver for the U.S. Space Program by Dr. France A. Cordova

December 13, 1994. CEBAF: An Accelerator Laboratory for Nuclear Physics by Dr. Beverly Hartline


January 19, 1993. High-Speed Civil Transport, Louis J. Williams, Director of High-Speed Research, NASA Headquarters.

February 3, 1993. Searching for Our Colonial Roots, Dr. Henry M. Miller, Director of Research, Historic St. Mary’s City.

March 8, 1993. Serendipity: Luck in Science Discovery, Dr. John Chrisman, Retired Director of Research and Graduate Studies at Loyola University, New Orleans, LA.

April 1993. Joint Effort with ICASE: Inaugural Theodorsen Lecture Entitled “Some Aspects of the Aeroacoustics and High-Speed Jets,” Professor M. J. Lighthill, Southampton University, United Kingdom.

May 11, 1993. Mission to Planet Earth, Dr. James G. Lawless, Deputy Director for Global Research, Office of Mission to Planet Earth, NASA Headquarters.

June 14, 1993. The Role of Unmanned Aircraft, Dr. James Anderson, Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.

July 19, 1993. Advances in Laminar Flow, Dr. Fayette S. Collier, Jr., Laminar Flow Control Project Office, Flight Applications Division, NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, VA.

August 9, 1993. Fuzzy Logic and Its Applications, Professor Lotfi Zadeh, Electrical Engineering Dept., University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, CA.

September 20, 1993. The Russian Space Program– Past Accomplishments vs an Uncertain Future, Dr. Roald Z. Sagdeev, Professor Physics and the Director of the East/West Science Center, University of Maryland, College Park, MD.

October 12, 1993. Health Care: Science, Economics, Ethics, and People, Dr. Frank A. Nichols, Thoracic and Vascular Surgeon, North Mississippi Medical Center.

November 8, 1993. Some Interesting Demonstrations of Physical Phenomena, Dr. Richard B. Minnix and Dr. D. Rae Carpenter, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Virginia Military Institute, Lexington, VA.

December 13, 1993. What’s New in Lasers, Mr. Jeffrey Hecht, Contributing Editor of Laser Focus World and Boston Correspondent for New Scientist Magazine.


January 13, 1992. The International Space Year-1992, Craig Covault, Senior Space Technology Editor, Aviation Week & Space Technology Magazine, Washington, DC.

February 10, 1992. BURAN, Russia’s Space Shuttle – Boon or Boondoggle??, James E. Oberg, Aerospace Technologist and Soviet Space Expert, Dickinson, TX.

March 9, 1992. How Shall We Go To Mars?, Dr. Gerald Walberg, Deputy Director, Mars Mission Research Center, Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, North Carolina State University.

April 6, 1992. Delta Clipper – From the Sea to the Stars, Charles “Pete” Conrad, Jr., Lunar Astronaut for Gemini, Apollo, Skylab.

May 4, 1992. Understanding Life in the Laboratory: An Introduction to Molecular Biology and the Social Framework in which Research is Conducted and the Knowledge Assessed by Scientists and the Public, Dr. Sidney Altman, 1989 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, Professor of Biology at Yale University.

June 8, 1992. Langley in the 50’s, Max Faget, Chairman of the Board, Space Industries International.

July 16, 1992. A Flight Through 75 Years of Langley History, Dr. James Hansen, Langley Historian, Associate Professor of History, Auburn University, AL.

August 17, 1992. United Flight 232: Coping with One in a Billion Odds, Captain Alfred C. Haynes, United Airlines, Retired.

September 15, 1992. Industry as the Customer for Federal Service, Daniel F. Burton, Jr., Executive Vice President of the Council of Competitiveness, Washington, DC.

October 13, 1992. Where is the U.S. Heading in Space: Two Views, Dr. John M. Logsdon III, Director for both the Center for International Science and Technology Policy and the Space Policy Institute, George Washington University, and Dr. Hans M. Mark, Chancellor, University of Texas System, and Former NASA Deputy Administrator.

November 9, 1992. Turning the Tide; Saving the Chesapeake Bay, Michael Kensler, Hampton Roads Associate for the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.

December 14, 1992. America’s Wilderness in the 21st Century, Chris Madson, Editor of Wyoming Wildlife.


January 14, 1991. Garbage!!!, Mr. Harry E. Gregori, Jr., Director, Office of Policy and Planning, Commonwealth of Virginia, Richmond, VA.

February 11, 1991. The Ozone Hole and Global Ozone Depletion, Dr. M. Patrick McCormick, NASA Langley, Hampton, VA.

March 11, 1991. An 18th Century Physics Class, Dr. Hans vonBaeyer and Dr. John McKnight, Department of Physics, College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA.

April 8, 1991. Kepone and Other Contamination Issues in the Chesapeake Bay, Dr. Robert J. Huggett, Assistant Director, Virginia Institute of Marine Science, Gloucester Point, VA.

May 13, 1991. Contracting Out: Has NASA Gone Too Far, James R. Thompson, Jr., Deputy Administrator, NASA Headquarters, Washington, DC.

May 30, 1991. Astronaut Debriefing on STS-37 Mission: Gamma Ray Observatory Deployment and CETA EVA, Col. Steven Nagel, USAF, Lt. Col. Ken Cameron, USMC, Dr. Linda Godwin, Specialist, RMS, Lt. Col. Jerry Ross, USAF, Dr. Jay Apt, Specialist, Astronaut Office, Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX.

June 10, 1991. Control of Sound and Vibration with “Intelligent” Structural Systems, Dr. Chris R. Fuller, Professor, Mechanical Eng’g, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VA.

July 16, 1991. Mars: Bringing a Dead World to Life, Dr. Robert H. Haynes, Distinguished Research Professor, Biology Department, York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

August 12, 1991. Evolution of Modern Jet Transports, Richard W. Taylor, Ret. Vice President – Government Technology Liaison, Boeing Commercial Airplane Group, Seattle, WA.

September 9, 1991. The Automobile Today and Tomorrow–A Swedish Perspective, Robert C. Austin, Manager of Public Relations, Volvo Cars of North America, Rockleigh, NJ.

October 10, 1991. The Variable-Density Wind Tunnel: NASA’s Most Consequential Historic Landmark, Dr. Harry A. Butowski, Historian, National Park Service, Washington, DC.

November 12, 1991. The Underwater Connection, Mr. Jerry K. Morrison, Assistant Resident Engineer/ Project Administrator, VA Department of Transportation, Suffolk, VA.

December 9, 1991. The Microspace Revolution, David W Thompson, President and CEO, Orbital Sciences Corporation, Fairfax, VA.


January 8, 1990. Have Goggles, Will Travel, Ms. Martha Esch, Redondo Beach, CA.

February 12, 1990. The Voyager Encounter of Neptune, Dr. Steven W. Squyres, Department of Astronomy, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY.

March 12, 1990. Langley and the Wright Brothers- The Race for the First Flight, Prof. John D. Anderson, Jr., Department of Aerospace Eng’g, University of Maryland, College Park, MD.

April 9, 1990. The World’s Biodiversity: Crisis and Opportunity, Dr. Edward O. Wilson, Baird Professor of Science and Curator of Entomology, Harvard University.

May 14, 1990. The Magic of Chemistry, Dr. Richard L. Kiefer and Dr. Robert A. Orwoll, Professors of Chemistry, The College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA.

June 11, 1990. Digital Avionics – A Cornerstone of Aviation, Cary R. Spitzer, NASA Langley, Hampton, VA.

July 16, 1990. Mission Highlights STS-32: Retrieval of LDEF, Dr. Bonnie J. Dunbar, NASA Astronaut, NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX.

August 13, 1990. CEBAF: A Laboratory for Nuclear Physics, Dr. J. Dirk Walecka, Scientific Director, Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility, Newport News, VA.

September 10, 1990. Preliminary Results from the LDEF Experiments and Special Investigations, William H. Kinard, NASA Langley, Hampton, VA.

October 23, 1990. Designer Genes in Agriculture, Dr. Pablo Scolnik, Research Supervisor, Plant Science Group, DePont Experimental Station, Wilmington, Delaware.

October 24, 1990. Aeronautical Research as Seen from Europe, Dr. Philippe Poisson-Quinton, Director for Int’l Cooperations, Office National d’Etudes et de Recherches Aerospatiales, France.

November 13, 1990. Tomatoes from Space, Dr. Jim Alston, Director of Research, Park Seed Company, Greenwood, SC.

December 10, 1990. Recollections of Langley in the Forties, William H. Phillips, Distinguished Research Assoc., NASA Langley, Hampton, VA.