Recent Past Lectures

July 11, 2023. The NASA Flight Dynamics Research Facility: Twenty-Five Years in the Making by Charles M. (Mike) Fremaux.  (Colloquium) (Sigma)

May 2, 2023. Hubble, JWST, and How to Build a Great Observatory in Space (Colloquium) and Hubble and the James Webb Space Telescope: A Tale of Two Observatories in Space (Sigma) by John Mace Grunsfeld

November 15, 2022. The Brain at Work, Play, and in Everyday Life by Frédéric Dehais, Stephen Fairclough, John Muñoz, Alan T. Pope, and Chad L. Stephens (video)

October 4, 2022. Breaking the Sound Barrier: Achieving Quiet Supersonic Flight Over Land by Peter Coen (video)

September 14, 2022. Optoelectronic oscillators in the single photon regime by Rajarshi Roy (video)

July 19, 2022. 50th Anniversary Retrospective and Celebration. (video)

May 3, 2022. Why People Overrate their Competence and Performance  and Why Ignorance Fails to Recognize Itself by Professor David Dunning (video)

Viewing Past Lectures

Video recordings are currently made of all Colloquium Lectures, and many of the past lectures were also recorded (DVD, VHS, Beta, or audio cassette). These recordings can be borrowed, by employees and contractors of NASA Langley Research Center only, from Langley’s Technical Library (x42356). Since December 2013, online versions of the lectures are also made available within the NASA Langley firewall. Additional past lectures are being added to this collection as time permits. The Colloquium Committee is not responsible for the choice of which lectures to include in the on-line collection.

list of past colloquium lectures is available to help you select which lectures you’d like to catch up on. Note that these lectures are the intellectual property of the individual speakers and may not be copied, distributed, or used for any purpose other than personal viewing.