Colloquium Lectures: 2020s

Note: videos are accessible only within the NASA Langley Research Center firewall.


January 19, 2021. From Swine Lagoons to Space and Back Again by Bill Cumbie

March 2, 2021. Colloquium: Making everything computational—including the fundamental theory of physics by Stephen Wolfram
Sigma Series: Have we found the machine code for the universe? by Stephen Wolfram

April 6, 2021. Why are Honey Bees Dying? by Dennis vanEngelsdorp

May 4, 2021: Reproducibility in Scientific Research by Monya Baker

June 8, 2021: Stopping the COVID Pandemic by Dr. Paul Offit

July 13, 2021: On Task: How Our Brain Gets Things Done by David Badre

August 3, 2021: Colloquium: Overlooking Subtractive Solutions to Design Problems by Gabrielle Adams and Sigma Series: Problem Solving: Why We Only Consider Adding Instead of Subtracting by Gabrielle Adams


January 7, 2020. Array Computing and the Evolution of Machine Learning by Travis Oliphant (video within Langley firewall only.) (Sigma: Ensuring Open Source Thrives in a Global Economy)

February 4, 2020. Climate and Security in the Age of Great Global Disruption by Sherri Goodman (video within Langley firewall only.)

March 3, 2020. Adventures in Self-Driving Car Safety by Prof. Phil Koopman

Lectures were not held from April – November 2020 because of the COVID-19 crisis. Lectures resumed virtually in December 2020.

December 8, 2020. Take-off and Landing: It is Important by Frank Quinto. (50th anniversary of the 14×22 wind tunnel)