Colloquium: 2018-05-01

Cislunar Space, the Gateway to Future Exploration

Patrick Troutman

May 1, 2018 at 2:00 P.M. in the Pearl Young Theater
(video within Langley firewall only)


This presentation will convey NASA’s near term plans for exploration as enabled by a lunar orbiting platform commonly referred to as “the gateway.” An overview of the infrastructure and a description of the systems that will enable transportation of systems and humans to cislunar space and beyond will be given. Potential missions supporting science and human exploration of the moon and Mars will be discussed.


Patrick A. Troutman graduated in 1984 from Virginia Tech with a BS in Aerospace & Oceanographic Engineering along with a minor in Computer Science. In the past 30 plus years he has worked for NASA designing and assessing the International Space Station, leading systems analysis related to future space scenarios including managing the NASA Revolutionary Aerospace Systems Concepts (RASC) program, helping to define the Vision for Space Exploration, leading the integration for the Constellation Program lunar surface architecture, and leading human space exploration mission design for the NASA Human Spaceflight Architecture Team and the Evolvable Mars Campaign. Mr. Troutman currently serves as the lead for Strategic Assessments for the Deep Space Gateway and Transport activity where his current efforts include developing what the next set of activities for humans should be beyond the international space station, and how those missions will prepare humanity for eventual missions to the Moon and Mars.