Colloq: curator favorites

The website curator started at NASA Langley in June 1983. He has also seen or heard almost all of the Colloquium talks given before that date. Here are some of his favorite talks in reverse chronological order:

April 6, 2021. Why are Honey Bees Dying? by Dennis vanEngelsdorp

November 5, 2019: Immune system – the seventh sense by Jonathan Kipnis

November 5, 2013: Open Plan Offices? Yes, No, and It Depends by Tonya Smith-Jackson

March 2, 1999, Acoustics and the Violin – Past, Present, and Future, by Carleen Hutchins

July 20, 1994, The Lunar Orbit Rendezvous, Lunar Module, and Apollo Mission, by Dr. John C. Houbolt

August 17, 1992, United Flight 232: Coping with One in a Billion Odds, Captain Alfred C. Haynes, United Airlines, Retired.

October 20, 1981, A Morning with Eric Sevareid, Eric Sevareid, News Correspondent, Analyst, Columbia Broadcasting System, New York, NY.

In a separate category all its own is

December 6, 2011: At 40, NASA Colloquium Continues to Stimulate, Teach Narrated by Keith Henry, NASA Langley Newschief, retired.